July 28, 2009

☆ Just like we used to be [wip]

"Just like we used to be"
( "同じように") Onaji Youni
Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune & Kaito
Literal Translation: motokokusanagi2009

Love this, love this song. I repeat again, love this song. I requested the translation for future dubwork. Currently working out the kinks and weird grammatical errors in the direct translation. A lot of syllables, not enough English words to fill them. Here we go into more 'improvisation land' once again.

I'm interested in auditioning a male dubber for the part of Kaito in this track. Once the lyrics are finished fully, I'll be placing them in another blog post at some point in the future and will actively start taking open auditions. For now, for those interested, keep it in mind as what I'm considering is a future project. I'm asking that all that audition for this part are male only. Sorry everyone, but this duet is for male and female vocal.

What I'm looking for in particular is someone that is able to hit the higher vocal register without strain on the voice or screeching the notes. They need to be comfortable in hitting higher, falsetto ranges and able to take proper breaths between the lyrics.

I don't usually do duets as I find them difficult and there is much more to creating a duet between two people other than a simple noise reduction and slapping them into overlying tracks. I will be taking into consideration how each auditioned voice blends and matches with mine for both solo and harmony purposes.

WIP-- and will be posting more information about it when it's ready for auditioning on the Voice Acting Alliance community forums.

☆ Last Smile [wip]

"Last Smile"
Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune
Requested by: x1Bella1x

Ah! I love this! x1Bella1x suggested this song to me and I'd never heard of it until now. Needless to say it's being added to my request list. Does anyone know who the original composer was? If so, I'd love some sort of clue.

I started working on the lyrics, but they're not completely finished. I've got an oral surgery coming up, so I won't be able to sing this out for a little while. To be honest, that makes me sad. Also, wanted to say that I really appreciate motokokusanagi2009's help with some of the translation work. It, like Strobe Nights, was another one of those songs that (at its time before popularity swung it into high gear with Project Diva) was hard to find proper translations for. It was all some sort of metaphorical mess that made no sense when it was transposed from Japanese into English.

I'm still looking for the off~vocal file of this track if anyone has it. I can't seem to find it and even my followers on twitter are out on their luck. If anyone has it, I'd appreciate it!

At this time, I don't have a completion date for this one, but I'll keep up with progress reports like always.

July 4, 2009

☆ Last Night, Good Night

"Last Night, Good Night"
Original Composer: Kz Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune
↓↓Download MP3 ♪ HQ║

I finally decided to sing this one out. I fell in love with the original version and found an English translated version of it. The lyrics here are not my own, they were done by another vocalist by the name of Luschka. The song itself was very difficult to pull off considering how high the chorus and bridge notes are. It was possible to take the off-vocal and transpose the pitch, but looking at it didn't make that possible. The verse notes are too low to sing properly if the pitch is lowered, so I was forced to sing it in its original key.

This took several tries and two separate recordings to make sure that the notes and timing were on and the music track didn't drown out the vocal track. I apologize about the misspelling in the video, I was in a hurry to get it finished.