March 10, 2010

☆ Strobe Nights -DiGiLoG MIX- feat. rockleetist

"Strobe Nights -DiGiLoG MIX- feat. rockleetist" (English)
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A collaboration between myself and なま獣/DiGiLoG of NicoNicoDouga!

なま獣 is a fantastic remixer who specializes in hardcore techno and trance styles. He showed interest several weeks ago in mixing my English version of Strobe Nights with his phenomenal musical talent in digital production! Of course, I couldn't say no!

I'm extremely happy with the result and I hope that you will all support us both in the future!

You can view his other remixes on nico here!
なま獣/DiGiLoG MyList

Strobe Nights -DiGiLoG MIX- feat. rockleetist

Composer: Kz | Original Title: ストロボナイツ | Vocaloid: Miku
English Lyric Adaptation & Vocals by 『rockleetist』
Remixing & Digital Editing by なま獣/DiGiLoG

One more winter night there's a chill in the air.
The park is silent as I sit alone.
I can feel my racing heart as the snow falls to my feet.
Sitting on the swings I look up to the sky.
And though I don't know the names for the stars
I will close my eyes and make a wish.
Can you see me shining?

(Chorus x2)
A shooting star drifting across the sky.
It makes its way across the night as the whole world passes by.
It sees you reach out to it somewhere down below.
To that voiceless star quietly watching over you.
In the shining blue.

Clouds they clear the way for the constellations
who paint reflections of me in their eyes.
The wind blows painting the atmosphere with dancing lights of white.
To all those who are drowned in the bright city light.
To all of those who will miss this beautiful sight.
This is my last moment, your final chance.
This, my love, is the last time.

A shooting star drifting across the sky.
I make my way across the night as the whole world passes me by.
I see you reach out to me somewhere down below.
To that voiceless star quietly watching over you.
In the shining blue.

A twinkling star who can only remember when
it made a secret wish and blazed across the sky with them.
I'll leave a trail that shines but only fades with time.
But dry your eyes my friend.
Because this is not the end.
For us.

☆ Official Request List

I'm placing this article up as an alternate means of communicating with all of you about what you would like to hear. I am hoping that it will organize my mail more efficiently too.

Many times a day I have to clear my inbox and read through all of the lovely requests that you have all sent to me. I understand that I don't always respond to everyone, but please let it be known that I do read every message sent to me- whether that is via youtube inbox, twitter, e-mail, or Nico Nico Douga.
If you have questions about lyric usage/request FAQs/other, you can find that information on my FAQ page, which is here.

Please understand that though I am happy to read all requests sent to me, I cannot accept to sing every request. As stated in my FAQ Section, I will more often than not choose the most popular requests or those that are requested the most unless for specific reasons.

These reasons being; out of my vocal range, personal disagreement to the song itself, unreasonable/offensive/inappropriate lyrics.

All song requests can be made with leaving a comment below by copy-pasting the following. Then, just fill it in with your own information! Very simple, no? I very much appreciate this, as it makes the process faster for me.

Song Request: How To!

Song Name: (ex. "Luka Luka★Night Fever")
Vocaloid: (ex. Luka Megurine)
Video Link: (ex.
Comment: (ex. "Your should sing this song because it my favorite!")

That's all you need to do! Please be nice to eachother and I hope to hear some wonderful suggestions from you all very soon! Thanks for taking the time to request and making it a little easier for me to listen!

『rockleetist 』

March 7, 2010

☆ Youtube Award

Thanks for all the views!
This is awesome. ♥

☆ Nebula (English)

"Nebula" (English Version)
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Composer: Tripshots | Original Title: Nebula | Vocaloid: Miku
English Lyric Adaptation & Vocals by 『rockleetist』

The light ignites the beginning.
The revolution has begun.
We have traveled beyond the 11th-Dimension.

I can't feel the distance between us- it has no measure.
The life within this digital soundscape expands relatively on forever.

Theory doesn't matter to me~ Here, I know
Somewhere deep within.
This wonderous innovation, it's where this world begins.
Oh, logic and analogy are contradictory.
Can't you see that it's true?
The philosophy of this Nebula brings me here to you.

It will grow and flow until the end of time. (End of time~)
You cannot hope to halt it's grand design. (Grand design~)
Though I can only sense this space far from the light.
Someday my song will find you, will it be tonight?

Reason doesn't matter to me~ Here, I know
When you're close to my heart.
This entropy called out for you from the very start.
Ideology is only a hypothesis
in this world that we see.
Between us we've created the beginning of all melody.

March 6, 2010

☆ Can't I Even Dream? (English)

"Can't I Even Dream?" (English Version) || 夢見てもいいじゃないの
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Can't I Even Dream?

Composer: Unknown | Original Title: 夢見てもいいじゃないの | Vocaloid: Miku
English Lyric Adaptation & Vocals by 『rockleetist』

Desperate and so lonely, I've looked for you.
And left behind all that I had ever longed for.
Cold winds scream through my ears like a banshee.
A freezing chill- A pain that still will forever haunt me.

Yet I have made it here
Running through all the fear.
The sadness in my heart retains the pain.
And if I fall, I've learned
That I may not return.
None of my love remains.

Yet I have made it here.
Make this pain disappear.
My one and only, Prince Charming.
And still I wonder, why can't I even dream?

Tears fall like a rainstorm I barely see.
A twisted grin broken within. Am I going crazy?

Yet I have made it here
Bearing this love, my dear.
Bearing the weight of it upon my knees.
And if I scream your name
It's not returned in same
I bed, forget me please.

Yet I have made it here.
Make this pain disappear.
My one and only, Prince Charming.

(And still I wonder, why can't I even dream?)
And still I wonder, why can't I even dream?

☆ Lyric Usage Disclaimer & FAQ

Very often (at least 10+ messages a day) I am questioned by fans or twitter followers that would like to know about my clause on lyric usage. As to save me time and energy replying to all 3,000+ people with this query, I decided to write out a small piece about the requirements for using my lyrics.

Lyric & Translation FAQs

1. "Can I use your lyrics?"
Yes, you can! I don't mind other dubbers or singing groups using my lyrics to do their own covers. In fact, many people already have both on nicovideo and youtube. I very much enjoy hearing others' renditions of my lyric adapations.

2. "That's it? I can just take them and use them?"
Not exactly. You're free to use them, however I ask that you give credit where credit is due. This means that if you use either of the following:
  • Vocaloid Lyrics
  • My voice tracks and/or MP3s of my dubwork

  • That you are not claiming these as your own. When someone uses my lyrics or my work, I request that they put a link to my channel in their video descriptions giving me credit for the lyrics/music/vocals. If you need that link, you can find it here:

    If you like my dubs, please support me by doing this. :)

    3. "Can we use your lyrics for a group-dub?"
    See Questions #1 & #2.

    4. "How do you translate your songs into English from Japanese?"
    I am not fluent in Japanese, ergo I require a translator. I have several sources that I rely on for my translations. However, motokokusanagi2009 is who I go to for my direct translations. Anything I receive elsewhere, Motoko translates for me to double check its accuracy.

    These translations are non-singable, text only.

    5. "How long does it take to write English translyrics?"
    That's dependent on the song, to be honest. Songs like "Just Be Friends" may take 10+ hours where as songs such as "We are POP☆CANDY!" take only 2 hours.

    It's virtually impossible to take a direct translation and sing it to match the melody lines correctly. If done so, it sounds awkward. Nothing matches as it should. To fix this the song must be 'rewritten', but carefully done so that it doesn't it stray from the original meaning of the song.

    I spend hours upon hours sitting at a desk with a thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, and notebooks working out lyrics, synonyms, and antonyms for hundreds of words that will allow me to do this. I may take a sentence and write out several different ways in different styles to see what flows with the song more fluidly.

    It isn't good to have lyrics that are rough around the edges- which is why I spend a very dedicated amount of time perfecting them before I begin practicing and recording them.

    I'm not sure if my fans & subscribers truly know how much heartfelt work I put into my English lyrics- which is why I ask for Question #2 above.

    6. "Do you take requests? You should sing [insert song here] by Len!"
    I do take requests. In fact, I generally receive anywhere between 10-20 of these messages a day. Ironically, many are for songs that I'm either planning for or have already uploaded to my accounts on Nico Nico Douga and Youtube. I do my best to read through all my requests, but it's impossible to fulfill all of them. There isn't physically enough time in the day to sing all the songs that 4,000+ of you on Youtube alone would like me to sing.

    Aside from some of them being a little ridiculous ("Please dub 'The Disappearance of Miku Hatsune'!"), I take the most popular ones that are requested and usually sing those. Or, if I particularly like a song such as "Electric Love", I will sing it just because I like it.

    What this means is, if I'm overwhelmed with requests to do the same song (unless I for some reason personally dislike the song greatly), I will pay the most attention to those- as those are what you all would like to hear the most!

    More often than not, you can always see what I'm thinking about singing next or what will be upcoming by following me on twitter.

    7. "Do you do duets with other dubbers?"
    I do on great, great occasion. This doesn't happen very often as my schedule is full most of the time. Doing a duet is a very grueling process as there is much more to it than simply two people singing parts.

    Singing a duet, on a technical level, is about vocal blending as well as correct filtering all recorded through similar equipment. I try my very best to make sure that all my dubs are as high quality as I can get them. It makes that very difficult if the person that I am singing with is only using a headset microphone.

    However, you may catch me doing this during certain songs that require it. Future notice, I may hold auditions for these particular songs.

    General FAQs

    1. "Why do you only sing Vocaloid songs? You should sing [insert song here]!"
    I sing Vocaloid songs because I truly adore them. I find them innovative and unique. It's something that everyone can create if they have a good ear for music and there are so many genres and types of music that encompass it.

    I like the idea of doing something original. There are a lot of vocaloid dubbers/singers out there, but I know very few that do what I do in regards to the lyric work. Many of the songs are fantastic, but Vocaloid fandom is 80-90% Japanese language. The fact that I can take that and introduce it to English native audiences makes me happy because it's much easier to appreciate something when you can understand it.

    2. "Do you other things other than singing?"
    In between the musical whatnot, I play a lot of World of Warcraft. I also run a gaming shop in Bangor, Maine USA. I draw and upload things on my DeviantART account occasionally, too.

    I'm a pretty busy person overall.

    3. "Have you ever had any music lessons?"
    Piano; 20 years.
    Guitar; 8 years.
    Intermediate violin player.

    I've been singing since I was very young. I have also had vocal training for R&B and Jazz, as well sing acapella barbershop with Sweet Adelines International; an International Organization for women singers as a tenor (Soprano 1, SATB).

    I have competed in vocal competitions in Maine, New York, and Florida; placing as a finalist in each. I placed 2nd in the state of Maine for Jazz All-State vocal competition in early 2000s, as well.

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Anything that isn't answered here, please feel free to contact me via twitter, youtube, or simply leave a comment below. I do my best to check my accounts at least twice a day. I apologize if you wrote a message to me and it was overlooked.

    I get swamped and I don't always see all of them, but I do my best. Hopefully this FAQ will help get your questions answered easier.

    Thanks everyone!
    Lots of Love and Appreciation,
    『rockleetist 』

    ☆ Electric Love (English)

    "Electric Love" (English Version) || エレクトリック・ラヴ
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    Electric Love

    Composer: 8#Prince | Original Title: エレクトリック・ラヴ | Vocaloid: Miku
    English Lyric Adaptation & Vocals by 『rockleetist』

    Electric Love. Electric Love, Ah~
    I want you to see what you mean to me.
    I need you to know~

    As I look up high into the sky
    The sun is low and settling down.
    The orange hue in clouds of blue
    Reminds me of you.

    Illumination~ the light I see thought we are apart.
    And in my circuitry the energy rushes through my heart.

    My voice is transmitting to this digital love with you.
    So let the soundwaves of my song start to radio through.
    The minds and hearts of the world.
    This technological girl will sing the echoes of my very devotion for you.

    And now to you I'll convey an electronic display
    Of just how much I think about you everyday.
    Oh baby, tell me you'll stay before I start fading away.
    From this~

    Electric Love. Electric Love, Ah~
    I want you to see what you mean to me.
    I need you to know~

    Tonight you can so easily see
    The moon that's rising slow up into the night.
    Aglow among the stars that are shining far.
    Just like dancing light.

    Yet this transmission.
    One I thought lost within the dark.
    Sends a single signal to you direct from my heart.


    Electric Love. Electric Love, Ah~

    (Chorus x2)