March 6, 2010

☆ Lyric Usage Disclaimer & FAQ

Very often (at least 10+ messages a day) I am questioned by fans or twitter followers that would like to know about my clause on lyric usage. As to save me time and energy replying to all 3,000+ people with this query, I decided to write out a small piece about the requirements for using my lyrics.

Lyric & Translation FAQs

1. "Can I use your lyrics?"
Yes, you can! I don't mind other dubbers or singing groups using my lyrics to do their own covers. In fact, many people already have both on nicovideo and youtube. I very much enjoy hearing others' renditions of my lyric adapations.

2. "That's it? I can just take them and use them?"
Not exactly. You're free to use them, however I ask that you give credit where credit is due. This means that if you use either of the following:
  • Vocaloid Lyrics
  • My voice tracks and/or MP3s of my dubwork

  • That you are not claiming these as your own. When someone uses my lyrics or my work, I request that they put a link to my channel in their video descriptions giving me credit for the lyrics/music/vocals. If you need that link, you can find it here:

    If you like my dubs, please support me by doing this. :)

    3. "Can we use your lyrics for a group-dub?"
    See Questions #1 & #2.

    4. "How do you translate your songs into English from Japanese?"
    I am not fluent in Japanese, ergo I require a translator. I have several sources that I rely on for my translations. However, motokokusanagi2009 is who I go to for my direct translations. Anything I receive elsewhere, Motoko translates for me to double check its accuracy.

    These translations are non-singable, text only.

    5. "How long does it take to write English translyrics?"
    That's dependent on the song, to be honest. Songs like "Just Be Friends" may take 10+ hours where as songs such as "We are POP☆CANDY!" take only 2 hours.

    It's virtually impossible to take a direct translation and sing it to match the melody lines correctly. If done so, it sounds awkward. Nothing matches as it should. To fix this the song must be 'rewritten', but carefully done so that it doesn't it stray from the original meaning of the song.

    I spend hours upon hours sitting at a desk with a thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, and notebooks working out lyrics, synonyms, and antonyms for hundreds of words that will allow me to do this. I may take a sentence and write out several different ways in different styles to see what flows with the song more fluidly.

    It isn't good to have lyrics that are rough around the edges- which is why I spend a very dedicated amount of time perfecting them before I begin practicing and recording them.

    I'm not sure if my fans & subscribers truly know how much heartfelt work I put into my English lyrics- which is why I ask for Question #2 above.

    6. "Do you take requests? You should sing [insert song here] by Len!"
    I do take requests. In fact, I generally receive anywhere between 10-20 of these messages a day. Ironically, many are for songs that I'm either planning for or have already uploaded to my accounts on Nico Nico Douga and Youtube. I do my best to read through all my requests, but it's impossible to fulfill all of them. There isn't physically enough time in the day to sing all the songs that 4,000+ of you on Youtube alone would like me to sing.

    Aside from some of them being a little ridiculous ("Please dub 'The Disappearance of Miku Hatsune'!"), I take the most popular ones that are requested and usually sing those. Or, if I particularly like a song such as "Electric Love", I will sing it just because I like it.

    What this means is, if I'm overwhelmed with requests to do the same song (unless I for some reason personally dislike the song greatly), I will pay the most attention to those- as those are what you all would like to hear the most!

    More often than not, you can always see what I'm thinking about singing next or what will be upcoming by following me on twitter.

    7. "Do you do duets with other dubbers?"
    I do on great, great occasion. This doesn't happen very often as my schedule is full most of the time. Doing a duet is a very grueling process as there is much more to it than simply two people singing parts.

    Singing a duet, on a technical level, is about vocal blending as well as correct filtering all recorded through similar equipment. I try my very best to make sure that all my dubs are as high quality as I can get them. It makes that very difficult if the person that I am singing with is only using a headset microphone.

    However, you may catch me doing this during certain songs that require it. Future notice, I may hold auditions for these particular songs.

    General FAQs

    1. "Why do you only sing Vocaloid songs? You should sing [insert song here]!"
    I sing Vocaloid songs because I truly adore them. I find them innovative and unique. It's something that everyone can create if they have a good ear for music and there are so many genres and types of music that encompass it.

    I like the idea of doing something original. There are a lot of vocaloid dubbers/singers out there, but I know very few that do what I do in regards to the lyric work. Many of the songs are fantastic, but Vocaloid fandom is 80-90% Japanese language. The fact that I can take that and introduce it to English native audiences makes me happy because it's much easier to appreciate something when you can understand it.

    2. "Do you other things other than singing?"
    In between the musical whatnot, I play a lot of World of Warcraft. I also run a gaming shop in Bangor, Maine USA. I draw and upload things on my DeviantART account occasionally, too.

    I'm a pretty busy person overall.

    3. "Have you ever had any music lessons?"
    Piano; 20 years.
    Guitar; 8 years.
    Intermediate violin player.

    I've been singing since I was very young. I have also had vocal training for R&B and Jazz, as well sing acapella barbershop with Sweet Adelines International; an International Organization for women singers as a tenor (Soprano 1, SATB).

    I have competed in vocal competitions in Maine, New York, and Florida; placing as a finalist in each. I placed 2nd in the state of Maine for Jazz All-State vocal competition in early 2000s, as well.

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Anything that isn't answered here, please feel free to contact me via twitter, youtube, or simply leave a comment below. I do my best to check my accounts at least twice a day. I apologize if you wrote a message to me and it was overlooked.

    I get swamped and I don't always see all of them, but I do my best. Hopefully this FAQ will help get your questions answered easier.

    Thanks everyone!
    Lots of Love and Appreciation,
    『rockleetist 』


    1. Thanks for the FAQ~!
      You're so amazing Rock <3
      I find myself listening to your videos over and over, until I have to download the MP3 to quit pressing the replay button. xP

      Not to mention, the random singing in the halls Lol.

    2. Welcome! Very happy to put some music in your life!

    3. Good stuff. Loved your Nebula Dubb verison. But do you take requests? just curious since most of the songs you've vocalized are normally from the same person. O_O" just wondering.

    4. Something good to add in your FAQ is how to request/suggest songs in a manner where you will look at them. ^-^; I know people leave comments, but for some reason or another, I feel it's rude without personally asking. xD;

    5. That's a very good point, Linda! Thank you for saying so. I'll get to work adding that into the FAQ.

      Even I forget things sometimes. :)

    6. Do you use a certain program or autotune for your voice?

    7. I use a VST called G-Snap ( for my autotuning.

      G-Snap is a plug-in you can put into audio programs like Fruity Loops Studio, Sonar LE, etc. It's not a stand alone program by itself- so you have to have an audio editing program already downloaded.

      It may work in the beta versions of Audacity, too if I'm correct.

      1. Another question! I, personally, have been having a bit of trouble messing around with it--what specs do you use, if I might ask?

    8. Rachel! I'm a huge fan. I've subscribed to you on YouTube, and I really hope that you'll continue to do your best in singing Vocaloid songs!

      When your version of 'Just Be Friends' came out, I immediately checked out the video.

      Get Well Soon!

    9. ^.^ I probably overlooked it somewhere, but I was wondering what kind of microphone you use/would recommend?
      And how long does it take to edit a song together?

      >.< Thank you! You're Deviant art work is pretty darn awesome too.

    10. Thanks, Maron! I'll add that information to the FAQ, I've had it several times before.

      Generally, I recommend that is USB compatible- not headset, and with a pop-filter.

      (Pop-Filters are filters that you can place over your microphone or in front of it that silence/dull your consonant sounds from popping loudly or blowing air into the recording. Ps and Fs specifically.)

      Studio condensers are my absolute first choice- they lessen outside sounds around you so the microphone doesn't pick up things like someone doing dishes or walking around the house, opening closing doors, etc.

      Myself, I use a Samson C01U Studio Condenser Mic. I have two others, but that's my favorite.


      Thank you for the compliments and get well wishes, Anon!

    11. Okay, first of all, I'm a massive fan. <3<3<3 and I also managed to get my sister hooked on your videos, too. XD

      Anyway, I was just wondering: have you ever taken lyrics from anyone else? I mean, if not, that's amazingly impressive, and if you do, then where do you get them from? Just curious.

    12. You said you've had 20 years of piano--how about you pick some song (don't care what) and play the piano track (check out this site for sheet music: because it's awesome) and then sing? It's all you!!

    13. Oh, wow! I'm much, much younger than you... I can't even hope to catch up. But you'll say something like, "Really, I don't want anyone having a rivalry with me!", but I like your work so much! So... do you mind... if I try to hit all of those high notes and dedicate them to you?! :D

    14. You have an absolutely amazing voice! I love how dedicated you are to Vocaloid and I to wish that some day it will catch on in the US just as much as it has in Japan. But I do agree with the person who said you should also do some piano or guitar covers, I'm positive they will be amazing!

    15. Out of curiosity, where do you get your karaoke tracks? I stumbled upon your work for Miku's "Can't I Even Dream?" and having been enthralled by the Japanese version, the English version was just as poignant.

      Great work!

    16. Thanks, Rivka!

      Actually, most of my off vocals and karaoke tracks are given to me with permission by the original artists and composers. I ask them if they either have the karaoke sitting around or if they don't, if they would be willing to make it for me.

      9/10 they're all very nice and will send it to me.

    17. I just recently started to listen to your songs and OMG I fell in love especially with Starduster.
      So I was wondering what kind of program do you use to mix your songs?

    18. Just wondering, do you like pokemon? I read one of your tweets, and it had something to do with pokemon. If you do, great! I have something to show you then. There is an awesome youtuber that make awesome vocaloid PVs that has pokemon crossovers. Here is her channel:
      I love her Anamogera PV. But I also love your songs! You and her are the only bookmarks I have on my computer.

    19. Hello!
      I really want to post this comment and hopefully you will answer to it.I've liked singing from when I was little and the vocaloids for 2 years I think.In my country you can't find that much anime lovers and when I randomly choose one of your covers that was Just be friends Wanko's version I was completely stunned .You have amazing vocals and one day I hope that I could sing as you do because our voices are almost exactly but I'm not as skilled as you are and I am fourteen years younger.Now I just listen to the songs and they just bring me joy when I'm sad and makes me feel better.You know god has gave you a wonderful voice that reaches peoples heart.So do I think.As for me when I sing it makes me feel great because I express myself in that way.Singing makes me happy and I think we both share the same opinion.I wish you a late Happy Birthday and I hope you will answer my comment.

    20. I agree with above people: more piano/guitar stuff!! Was that your guitar on the Honey you did? If it is, DO MORE!! It's amazing!

    21. Haha, a few months ago I sang your version of "Just Be Friends" (Wanko ver.) for our school's pop show. It was a lot of fun to sing it. :3

      All of your music is amazing. I've never heard "Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance" until I listened to your version today, and, while disturbing, it's an amazing cover. Of course, I don't think I can listen to the 'kitten head' line without flinching haha.

    22. Hey there Rockleetist!
      About a month ago I had my dad burn me a CD of my favorites from you, and one of them was Gemini. I was in the car with my older sister Mandi and she put in the CD and teared up at Gemini, and when I asked why, she said it reminded her of her and her fiance, Matt.
      I know I should have asked first, and I'm very sorry, but last night at Mandi's wedding reception with Matt, I had the DJ put the CD in and play Gemini for her and Matt to dance to. She ended up crying at the end, and even Matt was teary eyed and he's a firefighter.
      I was originally going to sing it, but I didn't because I didn't have your permission. I hope playing your song is alright even without your okay. I just wasnted to share this story with you, and since Gemini didn't have a post, I thought I'd share it here. If I find a video of them dancing to it, I'd send it to you as well.
      Kara K.

    23. OH! Hey Rachel! Uhm... Do you have the chords for the song "Honey"? You've uploaded a video in which you were singing this song along with your guitar. So, would you be so kind as to give me the music sheet? ... pleeeeease???

      Thanks a lot, Rachel! (how do they call you for short?)

      YouTuber: LenxRinKagamine

    24. wow. youre just plain amazing. and youre a very busy woman. i cant believe you got all the time to make these songs. and if u dont mind, i will use some of your songs to make some AMVs and give u all the credit u deserve. its hard to use native vocaloid songs and depict the meaning if u dont understand a lick of japanese. and its not everyday i read a blogspot, more likely comment on it with my real info. i play piano too but im only a semi-beginner so it would be awesome if you can share some of your music sheets with me. i would appreciate them. and i would like to know how you make the PVs you add on to your songs, or you get them from somewhere?

    25. I have a question, if you know the website called micandonburi how do you download songs from there?

    26. It's amazing,you're so talented ^^
      I hope you continue the awesome dubs.

      Also,thank goodness for this FAQ.
      I was about to send you a PM on youtube asking whether I could use your vocals for a parody video I'm making XD
      Oh well,this answers all my questions.

    27. Oh I have another question, and sorry if its such a bother..

      Im NaomiTakaraV4 from youtube, and I was wondering if I could make PVs from some of your songs? If so, I swear I will credit you as much as I can.

    28. umm. I was wondering, would it be too much trouble to put up the lyrics as text somewhere? Like the site Metrolyrics does.

    29. Ehehe! I really love your work. I would love to sing my own rendition, but it's embarrassing since you're better at singing than I.
      But, I truly love music, so I think I'll do it just for fun. I hope that's fine with you? C: <3

      Thank you for your hard work!

    30. Hello, I just wanted to take the time to say what a huge fan I am. I also got my friend hooked when she asked me to load her mp3 player up with Vocaloid songs and I replied, "Does that include dubs?" Nine times out of ten, the English lyrics you sing are much easier for me to remember than the original Japanese so I find that I'm often singing those to myself. Like I said, I just wanted to take the time to say how much I love your work and the time you put into it. Thanks for all of your hard work at making your song dubs enjoyable! ^-^

    31. Hello! I was wondering, where can I find the instrumental of Kokoro? I want to try singing it myself, but I'll have to lower it a little.
      :( So...yeah, that'd be nice. Flattery gets me nowhere, but...

      I absolutely ADORE your dubs. I agree with the whole rythm and rhyme thing, because, honestly, I've seen terrible dubs that just take the subs and sing them. I appreciate all of the hardwork, because I can sing it at school, and no one will know that they're actually Japanese songs! So...yeah. Um...that's it, I guess. Sorry about all of the spelling errors there probably are. Or maybe, you don't really, and the URL of my name is just a link to your song. I needed a URL, so...

    32. Hi there! I have a question. Are we allowed to change your lyrics around a bit when we do our own dubs, as long as we give you credit for the original translation?

    33. Umm, are we allowed to use your lyrics for parodies, as a base?

    34. how can i get in contact with you? i like to use FAQs alot, and would like to be able to email some lyrics to you.