August 14, 2009

☆ Cinderella Romance

"Cinderella Romance" ("シンデレラ・ロマンス")
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Orig: Miku Hatsune || English lyrics: 『rockleetist 』

CrossXposted a while ago between my blog here and my youtube account. This was finished a while ago, but my blog posts are a little behind my youtube uploads at the moment. Two more to follow this, actually. This was a request from a handful of subscribers. Not as high a number as the requests for Alice Human Sacrifice, but enough that I wanted to complete it.

I had never heard it before until I was @tweeted the video by a follower on my twitter. I really fell in love with how cute it was, but worried about breathing positions. The song itself is not only fast, but barely gives any spaces for breath. Not that Miku would have to worry about proper breath marks in her music, hmm? Unfortunately, I do.

Several practices and lots of lyric work and I managed! All in all, I'm pleased with how it came out. The harmony lines tracked so much better than I thought they would when I was originally recording them.

Finally done, released, and doubling as the finished request and a thank you to all my subscribers as I hit 200 at the time this was uploaded.

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