March 7, 2010

☆ Nebula (English)

"Nebula" (English Version)
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Composer: Tripshots | Original Title: Nebula | Vocaloid: Miku
English Lyric Adaptation & Vocals by 『rockleetist』

The light ignites the beginning.
The revolution has begun.
We have traveled beyond the 11th-Dimension.

I can't feel the distance between us- it has no measure.
The life within this digital soundscape expands relatively on forever.

Theory doesn't matter to me~ Here, I know
Somewhere deep within.
This wonderous innovation, it's where this world begins.
Oh, logic and analogy are contradictory.
Can't you see that it's true?
The philosophy of this Nebula brings me here to you.

It will grow and flow until the end of time. (End of time~)
You cannot hope to halt it's grand design. (Grand design~)
Though I can only sense this space far from the light.
Someday my song will find you, will it be tonight?

Reason doesn't matter to me~ Here, I know
When you're close to my heart.
This entropy called out for you from the very start.
Ideology is only a hypothesis
in this world that we see.
Between us we've created the beginning of all melody.


  1. I have to say, you've outdone yourself on this one. I really think that your voice was made to sing this song.

    I've been an avid admirer of your work, and I respect you as a singer and songwriter. I hope to practice my own lyric-writing and be able to make some Vocaloid music of my own someday that's half as good as yours!

    I look forward to your next song. (Desperately hoping for one that my low range might be able to cover!) You're absolutely amazing. I hope to hear more for you very, very soon!

  2. Thanks a ton, Mia! I'm glad that I could inspire you to write your own pieces as well!

    A protip from me, a great place to start is Rhymezone ( I have this bookmarked on every computer I own. In fact, I depend on it for every song that I write. Maybe it'll help you as much as it helps me.

    As for hearing more, you can guarantee that! Also, thanks for following my blog!

  3. Your work is amazing! The way you sing seems so flawless! I have tried to do many dub of Vocaloid songs but mine a not even half as good as yours. But I hope someday I'll sing as well as you can!

    Oh and if it's not too much trouble, cause I know you might be neck dep in requests but here's some songs that I heard a lot of people want to hear you sing.

    Goodbye of the Physcist - Miku
    Meltdown - Rin
    Rotten girl grotesque romance - Miku
    Black Rock Shooter - Miku
    Psychotic Len's Love song - Len

    Just a small list. Sorry if spammed ^_^""

  4. U r super, di-duper great!
    I told my friend about your Kokoro dub, she said she burst into tears about the poor robot. She's a pretty good singing too. But her voice can't hit high notes like u.
    U should go for American Idol or something! U DO live in the US, right? Not Britain or someting?
    You should sing Miku's When Love Ends for the First Time, or her Rolling Girl

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