October 1, 2009

☆ WIP List: October 2009

After reviewing everyone's messages on my youtube account, and read pages upon pages of requests and suggestions to consider certain songs, I have decided to create a 'work in progress' list for the pieces that I'm currently working on. When I finish recording and uploading a song from this list, I shall mark it and link it to the correct video on my account.

The downside is that it's inevitable truth that I can't get to/sing everyone's requests. I receive a lot of them, at least 5 a day. I do my best to read them all, as I check my account mail every two days.

Here is the compiled list of every song that I am currently working on and its percentage to completion:

  1. "Just Be Friends" Megurine Luka 99% (Completed Lyrics, need to record)
  2. "Melody.ExE" Miku Hatsune 99% (Completed Lyrics, need to record)

  3. "Melt" Miku Hatsune 60% (Incomplete Lyrics)
  4. "Last Smile" Miku Hatsune 50% (Incomplete Lyrics)
  5. "Linaria" Kaito 50% (Incomplete Lyrics)
  6. "Meltdown" Rin Kagamine 20% (Incomplete Lyrics)
  7. "Onaji Youni" Miku Hatsune/Kaito 20% (Incomplete Lyrics, Duet Mixwork)
  8. "Kokoro" Rin Kagamine 60% (Completed Lyrics, Vocal Mixwork)
  9. "Light Song" Miku Hatsune 15% (Incomplete Lyrics)
  10. "Last Night, Good Night (Acapella)" Miku Hatsune 10% (Vocal Mixwork)
  11. "Double Lariat" Megurine Luka 60% (Incomplete Lyrics)
  12. "Dancing Samurai" Gakupo 10% (Incomplete Lyrics, Lyric rework for female POV)


  1. Hello, just commenting to say I love your singing! Your voice is very powerful, clear and melodic. I only recently discovered you (subscribed to your youtube account only a few days ago xDD ), but already your fandubs have made an impression on me (:

    Also, I found it rather amusing that we share the same name and birthday! Except my name is spelt with an 'a' and I am a few years younger than you xD

    But keep up the good work! These songs you are currently working on are some of my favourites, I look forward to hearing them.


  2. Haha, that's neat! I've never met another Rachel with the same birthday.

    Well, I'm glad that you enjoy it and thanks for the comment! I try to get to everyone's requests, but it just isn't possible. Ergo, I pick the ones that best suit me and are the most requested overall; otherwise known as the list above.

    If I can, I'd like to sing "Trick and Treat" for a Halloween Special. Though since I have all the others, I don't know if I'll b able to make the time frame.

    Thanks for subscribing! :D

  3. I was about to request "Linaria"! lordxwillie wrote translyrics (he says some parts are still awakward tho). I think it can help you a lot with the song.

  4. True story! I saw your twitter post on it and watched it. I really like lordxwillie's version, though I wish it rhymed a bit more properly.

    I had a version already prewritten though it isn't finished yet. I may mix his version with mine and come up with something nice.

    Linaria is so amazing.

  5. I can't wait to hear your "Meltdown" dub or your "Kokoro" dub
    I write dubs myself
    but your's are better