November 2, 2009

☆ Request List (Winter 2009)

You wanted to know! Here it is!

I compiled this little video to show everyone what songs that I have lined up for the end of the year. Instead of answering 300 messages a day, I thought that uploading this may clear up some confusion and put a few smiles on everyone's faces.

Some of you have been waiting patiently to see their requests answered, some of you may see some songs you didn't expect, and I hope the remainder will like the ones that I personally wanted to do and added to this list on my own behalf.

I'm waiting on some new microphone equipment to be delivered to me before I record the next set, but at least now you know what to look forward to.

Thanks for 1500+ subscribers, you guys are amazing.
Thank you for all your comments, requests, suggestions, channel views, and video responses!
Keep them coming because I absolutely love them.

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