January 25, 2010

☆ Daily Ranking: #2?!

I've had many new followers on my twitter recently! In fact, most of them have tracked me down from Nico Nico. I was very surprised this morning when I woke up and found the following message from one of them:

"Congratulation on getting 2nd place in today's daily ranking."
It took a moment to process that when I first read it. How does a foreign English speaker place on the daily rankings on Nico Nico? Sure enough, I click the link and there it is staring me right in the face. I was absolutely shocked. Very surprised and happy! But still absolutely shocked.

What? Is this for real? ♥

Thank you for supporting me, Nico! I've had a chance to meet such wonderful new people that I never would have had contact with before. I'm happy that you've enjoyed my version of Luka Megurine's "Double Lariat" (Youtube or Nico Nico)!

I'm aware that I have had requests from my watchers for "Melt" ("メルト 3M MIX"), "Little Traveler", and others. Looks like it's time to get to work!


  1. I really love your voice!! you sing well. Do you have facebook? can I add you?

  2. Nice to meet you.
    I was listened to your song with the NicoNico and Youtube.

    A lot of Japanese cannot speak English.
    I want you not to be worried though, there are a lot of people who use dirty word.

    I want to "Melt"(acoustic guiter version).
    I love your ability, I love your voice.

  3. can you post the lyrics soon?

    xoxo love from China.

    p.s I hope you cover BPM by miku in english~!


  4. dear rockleetist,

    I've been listening to every single songs in your mylist @ niconico.

    you've got a beautiful voice.
    and i like the english dubs, very much!

    After listening to quite a lot versions of 『smiling』on niconico, I think it would be so much fun if we can make our own "国際"ver. with english fun dub.
    what do you think?

    you can reach me at
    sleeping_bear_san @ homtail.com

    hope to hear from you soon.

    love from Emi

    BTW: I'd like to ask for your permission to cover your Eng version of Stardusters.=D

  5. Wow that is amazing. I just listened to your song today through Nico and it was amazing. Could it be possible to post up the english lyrics on the site? I would love to read it over again, you translated the words to fit the song so nicely :)Can't wait to hear more. Congrats on the ranking!

  6. Sorry I was referring to Just Be Friends bad communication from my end.